Who We Are

Cornerstone Multimedia is a full service film production recording, mixing and mastering studio based in Hawaii to serve the local and world community with entertainment content that can cross all country borders especially in the United States, mainland China and Southeast Asia.Since western music has higher value in the world entertainment market our product will be of the highest standard and will incorporate techniques and expertise utilized by some of the best mainland US Sound engineering/Film-making methods today.

Cornerstone Multimedia also works in accommodating talented Artists/Filmmakers from around the world by bridging both east and west together in the common goal of providing wholesome international content to a growing population that needs entertaining product that adheres to faith, love, family values.

More about our team:

Dennis James Lee is a Los Angeles/Hawaii based film and record producer. Innocence Abandoned: Street kids of Haiti is his first documentary. He won the Audience Award for the film Soap Girl at the Big Bear Lake Film Festival and has produced the #1 box office movie of 2007 in Korea, Dragon Wars which was the first US/Korean Co-Production. He has also produced several high profile music videos for the Asian market. Lee began his career as a working actor and starred in the comedy series Mr. Show for HBO and the feature film Behind Enemy Line 2: Axis of Evil for 20th Century Fox. He also starred on ‘Young and the Restless’ and ‘Mr. Show’ on HBO. He is Co-starred on Hawaii 5-0 as ‘Jimmy Yamana‘ this season. He has several feature films in development at this time. He is the Vice President of Cornerstone Multimedia, an international multimedia company that’s looking to the asian market to bring production to Hawaii. He loves working with actors since he was an actor himself. Currently he is working on several music albums including the soundtrack for this documentary. Dennis is also an accomplished vocalist and is set to release another album ‘Under Your Shade’ in Late March of 2013.
 IA_3 tomiko monaco Reverend, Tomiko Ok Lee is a Hawaii, LA based film and record producer.Innocence Abandoned: Street kids of Haiti is her first documentary. She won the Audience Award for the film Soap Girl at the Big Bear Lake Film Festival. And she won the Human Interest Award for documentary film Innocence Abandoned Street of Haiti at Monaco Charity Film Festival in 2013.
She also produced several high profile music videos and records.Tomiko began her career a professional dancer and working actress. She starred in TV series Byrds of Paradise, Lost, and upcoming independent film Knots. Currently she is involving humanitarian work through Haiti Kids Now ministry
lula pic
Luiz Werneck de Freitas, Director / Editor / Producer of TV and Film Productions has been working in different productions for 17 years. Experienced in International news, worked on RTP TV International based in Europe. Worked also with TV Commercial Films for 5 years, productions of different films, documentaries. Worked in sports series, TV Globo – Brazil and developed several Television shows. Today he lives in Honolulu, and works as a Director/Editor/Producer.
Young Man Kang is a Los Angeles based film director. He studied fine arts at Hong-ik University in Seoul, Korea. In 1996, Kang moved to Los Angeles and continued his film career working as a director for a television commercial production company. In addition to his fifty-plus commercial credits, Youngs 1999 claymation short entitled Image of Korea was distributed by Big Film Shorts and released on DVD by Quickband/Warner Brothers. He has worked internationally as a director in India, Korea, Singapore, and Japan. He has won several awards including the Silver Remi Award at the Worldfest Houston Festival in 2002 for his short documentary Haitian Slave Children. He won the Audience Award for the feature film Soap Girl at the Big Bear Lake Film Festival and received rave reviews for The Last Eve which won the “The best action feature film award” at the 2005 New York International Independent Film and Video Festival.
Tony Pileggi was born and raised in Levittown PA a suburb of Philadelphia, he was the drummer of the popular east coast band, Antioch which worked with bands like White Cross, Tempest and Novella. After a period of time, Tony found interest in mixing and recording bands during their live performances and he did so for the next 20 years. Working at all kinds of Venues and with all types of bands, Tony has been able to diversify his skills in mixing for a specific sounds for various bands. Experienced with both analog and digital mixers and working with different brands of DAW’s, Tony is able to work with most current technology in this field. In June of 2009 a family tragedy brought him and his wife to be with their daughter Naomi Joy and their granddaughter Callie Rae who had been living on the Island of Oahu in Hawaii. Here Tony met and joined a popular praise team ‘Free to Follow’, This is where he met Dennis James Lee (Cornerstone songwriter/producer). Tony is a devout Christian and is the manager/producer for Cornerstone Multimedia on the East Coast of the United States.
Crystal R Calhoun is our mid-west contact providing a full array of graphic art illustrations, advertisements and website designs. Specializing in ecommerce and advertising venues Crystals designs and advertising tactics are used by the most aggressive and competitive online entrepreneurs from fast growing large corporations to smaller mom and pop family owned businesses.You can view Crystals portfolio at: Made To Be Unique